Reinforcements for PVC windows

The METFIX company produces reinforcements for PVC oires in a classic form, i.e. profiles made of galvanized flat sheets.

We make window profiles for the following systems:

We produce profiles mainly in lengths of 6000 mm. In order to meet the standards of the time, special profiles are manufactured on the basis of individual customer documentation. Both the product and its packaging are of the highest quality.

NOVA-STEEL and NOVA-STEEL PRO technologies are registered by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and throughout the European Union through the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market based in Spain.

We shape your profile

We are pleased to present you the product of our company made in NOVA-STEEL technology


The uniqueness of our profiles lies in the improvement of a fixed pattern on the market of products from this industry. Starting to research and search for new technological solutions, we asked ourselves questions, the answers of which were used to radically change the physical properties of the changed material.

Four challenges posed to scientists have allowed for a change:


These changes made in the structure of the material allowed us to create a new product – a product for the twenty-first century.


It has original and different features from other products currently offered on the Polish market. Steel profiles in NOVA-STEEL technology are an unquestionable technical breakthrough in the process of manufacturing steel reinforcements for the production of PVC windows.


They differ significantly from the standard flat sheet sections previously offered on the market.

Guarantee of success

The use of NOVA-STEEL technology means that the surface of the sections undergoes a characteristic transformation (stamping of small ups and lows).


The conducted research proves that this forming of the steel surface, in addition to the aesthetic appearance, causes an additional increase in the bearing capacity of reinforcements, and thus the profile made in technology is made of thinner sheet metal while maintaining the properties of a thicker smooth profile. The pattern-reinforced cross-section of deep-textured metal and rolling during machining increases the strength-to-weight ratio. Sheet metal has greater rigidity and strength.


The benefits of NOVA-STEEL technology have been confirmed in scientific research as well as in practice by many window manufacturers. The introduction of the profile in technology allowed many customers to “breathe” financially, by reducing production costs while maintaining the high quality of manufactured windows.

What can NOVA-STEEL PRO technology do for you?

The strength of windows equipped with our NOVA-STEEL PRO profile is greater than that of windows containing traditional, flat profiles.